When and how will my mower be picked up?

We are able to offer FREE pick up and delivery to specific zip codes only. 

For the following ZIP codes, we are able to offer FREE pick up and delivery by scheduling your equipment with other customers in your area.

46032 46033 46037 46038

46040  46055 46060 46062

46074 46220 46236 46240

46250 46256 46260 46280


Tentative pickup dates  by zip code

Dec- 46038, 46033

Dec and Jan- 46032,46037,46280

Jan and Feb- 46060, 46055, 46040

Feb and March- 46074, 46062, 46260, 46220, 46240, 46236, 46250, 46256


We are not able to pickup and deliver to ZIP codes beyond those listed above. You may still drop off your equipment for service at our location. If you have any questions, you may call us at 317-849-9500.

Registration deadline: November 24

Pick up routes beginDecember 4th 2023 and continue through: March 15th 2023

Organizing Calendar:  We expertly organize all registrations logistically. We are able to offer pick up and delivery by scheduling your pick-up date with other customers close to you. Once our schedule is planned we send an email with approximate dates.

If you note vacation dates on your registration, we attempt to schedule your pick-up date appropriately. We cannot guarantee pick-up and delivery if vacation dates conflict with planned routes. 

Pick-Up:  You will receive an email the week before your pick up date. A final notification confirms your pick-up the day before your actual pick up date.

On the day of your pick up:
Simply leave your equipment right outside of your garage door first thing in the morning. Our drivers will take care of loading and tagging your equipment with unique identification. If you place your equipment in a different spot, please let us know in advance. It is vital to leave your equipment out on the date of pick-up. If you do not leave your equipment out, we will not be able to schedule a second pick-up.

Once your equipment is serviced, we will notify you the day before delivery.  Our drivers return your lawnmower to the pick-up location.

Customer drop offs are accepted but we encourage you to call ahead.