What’s Included and How it Works?

We have a lot of experience in providing the best experience for our customers. Our pick-up schedule is organized by arranging routes logistically. We are able to offer this program by picking up your equipment with dozens of your neighbors’ equipment. We provide a forecast of expected pick up dates by zip code once all registrations are confirmed.

You will receive an email the week before your pick-up date and a final confirmation the day before you actual pick-up date.

On the morning of your pick-up you simply leave your equipment outside of the garage.

Our drivers pick up your equipment from your driveway, tag with your information and return to our facility .

At our facility, senior technicians inspect the overall condition of your lawnmower and review any issues you noted on your registration.

Maintenance tune-up includes:

  • Replace blades with new, balanced blade(s)
  • Install new air filter and spark plug
  • Change engine oil with filter (if equipped)
  • Drain & clean fuel system (replace fuel filter if equipped)
  • Adjust all cables, knobs, hardware & controls
  • Set engine rpms within manufacturer’s specifications
  • Tighten and adjust all wheels and adjusters
  • Walk Power Mowers: Inspect wheels, self-propel system and lubricate drive ratchets
  • Riding Mowers: Complete drive system inspection including belt condition and tracking adjustments
  • Fill with stabilized fuel
  • Inspect external engine and carburetor operations
  • Scrape deck and tunnels
  • Steam clean deck housing, wheels and frame
  • Test all operations

During the maintenance our staff will contact you if additional issues exist. Common issues include wheel and tire replacements, worn belts/cables and hydraulic service on riding lawnmowers. We only perform additional services with your approval.

Final inspection of all work by Service Manager is completed prior to delivery.

When your equipment is delivered we attach a detailed paper invoice and send a secure link for payment via text message. You can pay online or via mail-in check.